Quotes on: Ryan Giggs

“A young Giggsy was like a Ballet Dancer. I had never seen a young player like that and I had seen the Busby Babes.” — Eric Harrison, the Manchester United coach who nurtured the Class of 92

“The first time I saw him play, I was like “Oh my God, what have I just seen?” [ . . . ] He was unbelievable.” Gary Neville

“We’d all been in the United Centre of Excellence [ . . . ] the first time Ryan came and joined us, we were 14, he was 15, and he scored an overhead kick, a bicycle kick from 20 yards, and I remember thinking, “The stakes have been raised a lot higher.” — Gary Neville

“I remember the first time I saw him. He was 13 and he floated across the ground like a cocker spaniel chasing a piece of silver paper in the wind.” Sir Alex Ferguson

“What can I say about Ryan that hasn’t already been said? He is a marvellous player and an exceptional human being. He has fantastic energy for the game and it is wonderful to see. To think that he now has 23 unbroken years of league goals behind him is truly amazing in the modern-day game.” — Sir Alex Ferguson

Giggs' debut 23 years before he called time on a glittering career. Tearing you apart since 1991.
Giggs’ debut 23 years before he called time on a glittering career. Tearing you apart since 1991.

“For a player to play for one club for 900 games is exceptional, and it won’t be done again. He deserved that goal for his service to the club. He’s had an amazing career and is an amazing man.” — Sir Alex Ferguson

“When Ryan runs at players he gives them twisted blood. They don’t want to be a defender anymore.” — Sir Alex Ferguson

“To be a player who has represented one club through his career – that doesn’t happen anymore. For a player to have represented his club and his country the way he has and now, at some point, he will hopefully become United manager in the future.” David Beckham

“When I watched Giggsy as a young player, he was truly something special. No matter if he was playing for the B team, A team, reserves or first team he was simply untouchable. A United great.” — David Beckham

“He was someone that we looked up to, he was only a year or a couple of years older than us but he was someone that we aspired to be because he was a young player in the first team playing like he was, so talented and at a very young age. That gave the rest of the youth team players hope.” — David Beckham

“He was the one that set the benchmark for us. He was the one we looked up to and yet he was only a year or two older than us. We never reached his heights because he is one of the best players of all time. We were just lucky enough to become team-mates of his.” — David Beckham

“He’s probably the most down-to-earth superstar I’ve ever met.” — Phil Neville

“I predominantly had Giggsy in front of me for the best part of eight years, and he was great, he’d work hard up and down the touchline, and he’d do his defensive duties. That was one good thing you could trust about him.” — Denis Irwin

“When I joined United and saw him playing or training, it looked so easy. When he made the runs on the lines, when he got past players, his crosses were spot on almost every time. He could score goals as well as a winger.” — Jaap Stam

“Ryan’s amazing. His energy, his work-rate, his passing and his movement are unbelievable. It’s a privilege to play with him.” Wayne Rooney

“When I arrived (at Manchester United), he was playing. Now, 15 years after I retired, he’s still playing. It’s crazy.” Eric Cantona

“I love Giggsy. He is a top player. When he was about 26 or 27 years old nobody in European football could stop him because he went at you so fast and with so much control of the ball. When I trained with him at Manchester United he would beat me every time!” — Laurent Blanc

“Ryan’s amazing. His energy, his work-rate, his passing and his movement are unbelievable. It’s a privilege to play with him. He’s 36 but plays more like a 26-year-old as he’s up and down the pitch all the time; he’s everywhere.” — Park Ji-Sung

“No player adapted their game as well and as effectively as Giggsy.” Rio Ferdinand

“I think it will only be when he hangs up his boots that people will realise just how remarkable a player he is and just what he has achieved.” — Rio Ferdinand

“He’s a phenomenal player to work with, day in, day out. He was an out-and-out left winger with pace, skill, drive who has evolved into someone who can dictate a game. He’s evolved into a completely different player – to do that, he must be some footballer!” — Rio Ferdinand

“Quite simply the best left-winger in the history of the Premier League and one of the best ever, full stop. So consistent, given people always expect players of his type to perform magic. Fast, tricky, always weighed in with his fair share of goals, worked hard… and a winner, of course.” — Dion Dublin

“Obviously we know the goal he scored in the semi-final against Arsenal, an unbelievable thing to do [ . . . ] the best goal ever scored in the FA Cup. From 16 years of age to (his retirement in 2014), to be able to perform at that level, and to give the team so much, Ryan Giggs has got to be the greatest Premier League player ever. [ . . . ] What he’s given the Premier League is unbelievable, and what he’s given Manchester United is fantastic.” Peter Schmeichel

In a career with , it is nigh impossible to pick out one standout moment. However, if we had to choose, this goal against Arsenal in the FA Cup would have to be it. The meeting of destiny and greatness.
In a career with 34 trophies and countless individual awards and records, it is nigh impossible to pick out one standout moment. However, if we had to choose, this goal against Arsenal in the FA Cup would have to be it. The meeting of destiny and greatness. “One of the best and most memorable moments of Manchester United history.” — Peter Schmeichel

“What a player he was. He was someone who would come up with what you needed in a game of football. Either a goal, something inspirational, a cross, a dribble, you name it, anything.” — Peter Schmeichel

“He would play 20 games and be unplayable, he was that good. If you’re a full back and think get tight – then he’ll spin inside, he you drop off then he will rip you apart. Outstanding player, what he’s done in the game, his mindset when he played in centre midfielder for Manchester United for two or three years says it all. The best left winger there will ever be.” — Paul Ince

“He’s an outstanding player and it’s a privilege to be working with him on my staff. I’ve seen something different since I’ve come here – just how good he is, close up – and it’s incredible.” — David Moyes

“The Premier League has seen some outstanding players, but because of his age and longevity at one club, Ryan has to stand out as the best. The Premier League has been blessed with some brilliant players, but if you conducted a poll I would be surprised if Ryan Giggs didn’t come out at the top.” — David Moyes

“Ryan was an absolutely magnificent player; he is certainly one of the best players I’ve ever worked with in the short period of time I was there. He was phenomenal, even at 39 years of age.” — Steve Round

“Ryan makes you believe there is a footballing God.” — Ron Atkinson

“His talent is God-given. He will have wonderful skill even when he’s got his bus pass, because that sort of ability never deserts you.” — Brian Kidd

“The first time I saw Giggsy, he was playing for Salford Boys against United’s apprentices. He was thin and wiry but he just glided past four of our apprentices as if they weren’t even there, then he put the ball in the back of the net. I just thought ‘This kid’s an absolute natural'” Bryan Robson

Ryan Giggs just had an athlete’s physique. He could run all day. [ . . . ] He was muscular, yes, but you’d think a powerful full back would be able to bash him up. They couldn’t. [ . . . ] It (left-wing)’s a scary position if it is not yours by right because it is so hard to get in the game. Ryan was born there; he had pace, he could cross, come inside or go outside.” — Harry Redknapp

“I have no words to describe Ryan Giggs, because I cannot say anything that the world has not said before. I just prefer to say it was an honour and privilege to work with such a fantastic player.” — Carlos Queiroz

“He is one of the players who deserves to be part of football history.” — Carlos Queiroz

“Giggs is football itself. The way he plays, the way he enjoys the game, the way he trains.” — Carlos Queiroz

“Finding a left-sided player is so important to the balance of a team. You look for players who have flair or can cross the ball; players who can pass or work hard up and down the flank. Normally, you might get two out of the four, but Giggsy has got all of those qualities and that’s why you cannot choose anyone above him. His level of consistency is also incredible, which is a key reason why United win so many trophies.” — Teddy Sheringham

“I can’t remember exactly how old I was but I remember pretending to be Ryan in the back garden.” — Tom Cleverly

“Giggs gets me on the edge of my seat when he runs at defenders.” George Best

“Maybe one day people will say I was another Ryan Giggs.” — George Best

“He’s the most coveted player of all time: everyone loves him. Brilliant left foot and he’s kept going. He’s got great genes, but he’s looked after himself. They’ll build a statue of him at Old Trafford.” — Jamie Redknapp

“Only two players made me cry when watching football, one was Diego Maradona and the other Ryan Giggs.” — Alessandro del Piero

NOTE: Some versions of this quote name Roberto Baggio instead of Diego Maradona, most notably one on the FIFA website.

“He is so intelligent- you notice that where ever he runs. He’s covered every midfield role, but I think he prefers the left side. He is a joy for everybody’s eyes…except, of course, the opponents!” Franco Baresi

“Giggs is a great player. I still vividly remember the games I played against him. My shock after watching Giggs play for the first time was very similar to the shock after seeing Luiz Ronaldo.” Zinedine Zidane

“If he was French, Pires or myself would have been on the bench.” — Zinedine Zidane

“I’ve played against him lots of times over the years and he’s always so impressive. He’s so quick, so skilful. [ . . . ] People might talk more about Beckham, but I think Giggs is fantastic.” — Raul

“Ryan Giggs for me is one of the best players in the world, and now he is old but he continues to play well and he was a fantastic player.” — Roberto Mancini

“Giggs is the detonator, the man who can make Manchester United explode.” — Jean Tigana

“Eric Cantona is a great player, but he’s not as good as Ryan Giggs.” Johan Cruyff

“His record is absolutely unbelievable. Not only longevity-wise, but the amount of things he’s won, the amount of brilliant games, the amount of goals he’s scored and created. He’s just a brilliant professional and he’s defying Father Time to play how he does at the very top level in club football.” — Gary Lineker

“Giggs (has) been brilliant over a long period of time, he’s almost the perfect winger as he can dribble, cross and score goals, while being comfortable out wide, in the middle or behind the front man.” — Ian Wright

“Ryan Giggs is fast, skillfull and sharp. With Luis Figo, he is the most fantastic winger I have ever seen in my life.” — Marc Overmars

“He has the most talent than any other football player. He is delicate and dynamic. He is the player chosen by god.” — Luis Figo

“I have come up against some tough wingers but the toughest of them all was Ryan Giggs. It was easy to read what other wingers would do but for Giggs, it was tough. He is very intelligent, takes you to the side, cuts inside, beating you – amazing player.” — Lauren

“He’s a living legend and to play against him for someone like me, who has seen him play for so long, is a pleasure and a privilege.” — Pedro

“I think he’s an absolute credit to himself and Manchester United.” — Matt Le Tissier

“Any manager in the world would want Giggs in their side.” — Dunga

“Ryan Giggs pretty much won everything there is to win in the game. He made over 900 appearances for the club and always stayed loyal to Manchester United, which is really impressive.

“He made his debut at 17 and so paved the way for youngsters here, showing what can be achieved. He came through the ranks and I know I always looked up to him. While you appreciate the need to be patient for your chance, you also realise he managed to get a chance at a young age. He obviously had that ability and did very well.

“Playing on the wing, he liked to take players on, score goals and make assists. Most importantly, he wanted to get fans off their seats, which is what I like doing myself. As soon as he was on the ball, it was very exciting because he was always going to create something. I would like to take some of that into my game.

“My favourite goal has to be his one in the FA Cup semi-final replay against Arsenal in 1999. That was a highlight of his career. It was a quality run and a great finish. To be so composed after such a long run was incredible and the celebrations afterwards were very memorable.

“It’s good that he’s stayed on at the club, obviously. For young players he knows their background more than the manager coming in. So it’s good for him to still be around to look after us lads who want to follow in his footsteps.

“He is always giving advice to all the youngsters and helping us out in any way he can. Whether it’s in training or on matchdays, he always gives you little tips and pointers. He has one-on-one chats to see how you’re doing and how you’re coping, stuff like that, and he will always help you out in any way he can.

“He never got tired of winning as a player and he’s still hungry as a coach, and that’s what makes him a great person to be around.” — Jesse Lingard (in a Manchester United match programme)

“Ryan Giggs has been one of the greatest players ever to wear the red shirt of Manchester United. What he has achieved will never be equalled in the English game.” — Edward Woodward

“I could see Ryan [Giggs] becoming manager. We’ve never spoken about it, but I think he would have the presence and the total respect of the players. I’m sure he’d do a great job, similar to Guardiola at Barcelona.” Paul Scholes

“He has the qualities to be a great coach. The manager (Louis van Gaal) gives him a lot of responsibility when analysing the opposition and doing his team meetings. Quite often, when we are training 11 v 11, he will take one of the teams. If we are playing and he’s not happy, he’ll let everyone know about it.” — Chris Smalling

Old Trafford's favourite son, and arguably its greatest gladiator.
Old Trafford’s favourite son, and arguably its greatest gladiator.

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  1. Of the current Premier League players, only 3 will succeed in Serie A : Ryan Giggs, Les Ferdinand and Robbie Fowler. -Ruud Gullit 1996, after he finished his first season in EPL 95-96

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