Quotes on: Peter Schmeichel and Edwin van der Sar



“I don’t believe a better goalkeeper played the game. He is a giant figure in the history of Manchester United.”
Sir Alex Ferguson

“Goalkeepers win you games sometimes, and Peter Schmeichel won more games than any other goalkeeper I’ve ever seen.”
Ryan Giggs

“Awesome. He’s one of those players you didn’t like facing, but loved having in your team. Peter just fills the goal. Thinking back to my first year at Man United, when I struggled, maybe I should have trained against the reserve keepers instead. It’s so hard to score against him, psychologically it might have boosted my confidence to get away from him for a while!”
— Teddy Sheringham

“He had a great presence in goal, which was his advantage. He was a very difficult keeper to beat whenever I played against him. Not only was he good for Manchester United, but he showed in 1992, when Denmark won the European Championships, that he was the best at international level too.”
Ruud Gullit

“Of all the keepers I have played against, Peter was easily the best. Petr Cech is one of the best now, but Schmeichel was an all-round great. You can’t be a great by just being a good shot stopper, you have to have it all – and he did.”
— Michael Owen

“Simply one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time. [ . . . ] There are goalkeepers with presence who aren’t much good, but Schmeichel had both presence and raw ability. He was a great shot-stopper and a fine taker of crosses, he read the game superbly, he commanded his box. There hasn’t been a better player in the Premiership.”
— John Barnes

“Seemed like he was unbeatable at times. To look back and see him in your goal filled the rest of the team with such confidence. I also played against him many times, but the closest I got to scoring was hitting the post with an overhead kick. I’ll take that.”
— Dion Dublin

Champs League SF Peter Schmeichel
Mandatory Credit: Allsport UK /Allsport

“An enormous presence in goal. Intimidated strikers with his size and ability. The best I goalkeeper I played against in England.”
— Emmanuel Petit

“The best ever. Peter’s charisma and character could change the game. His spirit spread to the rest of the team. Strong in the air, great reflexes and brilliant in one-on-ones. A true winner.”
— Brian Laudrup

“He had everything. And he wanted to win. Every time.”
Michael Laudrup

“One of the best goalkeepers of all time and a keeper I really looked up to when I was coming through. Did everything brilliantly, but above all had great presence.”
— Shay Given

“I’ve been fortunate enough to play in front of great goalkeepers, but the one who had the most influence on me in my formative years at Man City was Schmeichel. He was a huge, huge influence around the dressing room. I remember being on the training ground and he wouldn’t let there be any balls in the back of the net. He was OCD about it. He would get really irate and frustrated because he said he wouldn’t have any balls in there on a Saturday so he won’t have any in there during the week.”
— Joey Barton

“He’s the best goalkeeper the Premier League has ever seen because of what he did at Manchester United, the amount of points he saved them. He – and Eric Cantona – were a massive part of what they did when they first won the Premier League and in the years after.”
— Matt Le Tissier

“What a fantastic goalkeeper. I played with David Seaman and he was a very good goalkeeper but for me Schmeichel was another level. Just the fact that, one on one’s, normally when somebody goes through on the goalkeeper you just pray that they’re going to save it but you just knew Schmeichel was going to save it, so we’d always set up a counter-attack because we knew he would. He could also throw the ball as far as he could kick it and the amount of times we would get get corners against us, he’d pluck it and release it to Giggs and Kanchelskis and we’d score goals. Best goalkeeper in the world during his time.”
— Paul Ince

“I have never seen such a good goalkeeper in my life, the best goalkeeper in the world. Professional, a great guy and everyone who sees him sees that he is a massive man. For attacking players, that is very scary when they see him. Sometimes goalkeepers do not shout during a game, but he was always shouting at his players during a game, which was excellent.”
— Andrei Kanchelskis

“He was an immense and commanding figure in the best team in Premier League history. He filled the goal and spread himself out like a star, or ice hockey goalminder. A formidable keeper.”
— Jamie Redknapp

“I thought Schmeichel was absolutely incredible. His ego, his presence in the box and the way he had people play in front of him – he was a proper goalkeeper. He went on for years doing the right thing. He had a hunger for the game.”
— Phil Thompson

“When people talk about players who made United so successful, he would be competing for one of the top slots. His influence in those initial title triumphs was just as big as Eric Cantona’s. Even towards the end of his career, when he was playing for Manchester City, he was making extraordinary saves and one performance at Anfield in May 2003 lives in my memory.”
— Jamie Carragher



“(van der Sar) was the best we’ve ever had. By far. We’ve very rarely seen him make a mistake in [20] years at the very top and in more than 100 caps. He was a jewel in soccer’s crown.”
— Hans van Breukelen
(legendary Dutch goalkeeper)

“His playing ability has been proven at the highest level both domestically and internationally.”
— Jean Tigana

“Edwin is the best goalkeeper we have had since Peter Schmeichel. He is a winner. He has brought with him a strength of character; he really looks after himself and he trains very well. There are many players who, having achieved what he has done, want to take it easy. But he has a desire to carry on.”
Sir Alex Ferguson

“Edwin’s professionalism and dedication to his job and the way he looks after himself has given him longevity in the game.”
— Sir Alex Ferguson

“One of the very first to have brought a new perspective (on goalkeeping) was Edwin Van der Sar, who played a lot with his feet and allowed the position to enter a new phase. I was inspired by his style of play.”
— Manuel Neuer

Someone I always admired, even early in his career at Ajax and Juventus. In six years at Old Trafford, he helped Manchester United to three Champions League finals, and gave them great stability from the back.”
— Peter Schmeichel


“He has been a fantastic servant. [ . . . ] I worked with Edwin for two and a half years. That penalty save in Moscow has elevated Edwin alongside Peter.”
— Eric Steele
(Manchester United goalkeeping coach)

“Edwin was a typical Dutch goalie; he was very strong, had good feet, was good on the ball, he always knew the solution and where to pass it.”
— Jaap Stam

“Edwin has performed admirably for his club and country for such a long time and he seems to get better and stay at a very high level. That’s not easy to do in that position and at a club like Manchester United.”
— Tim Howard

“What’s needed to be a great keeper: shot stopping, presence, authority, organiser, good feet, mental strength, agility. There are more, but one thing Edwin had more than any keeper I ever played with was – calmness & composure. There was never any panic with him, he was never flustered. [He had] an aura of ‘l’ve been here before, just chill guys’ exuding off him. For a centre back to feel that from a keeper is a comforting thing to have. He was not the best around at some of the things I listed above but he was very good at many and outstanding in others. Great players to my mind make others play better and Edwin certainly done that. He was right footed but would put the ball on his left foot and pick people out as if he was bored and wanted to test himself (I used to laugh). Also when Manchester United needed him he was always there: big moments, one important save to make in the game etc he was there with no fuss! The triangle of Edwin, myself, and Vida will never be forgotten.”
 Rio Ferdinand

“He’s just cool under pressure – he never panicked, and I think that’s a big thing for when you are playing. He didn’t really say too much in the changing room – he got his points across by talking; he wasn’t a shouter and a bawler.”
— Rio Ferdinand


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