Quotes on: John Terry, Frank Lampard, and Didier Drogba

Quotes on: JOHN TERRY

“I think John Terry was, and still is, Chelsea blood, coming from the Academy. It is quite remarkable, the career he has had as captain, everything he has achieved. [ . . . ] We mustn’t forget what he has done over the last 12 years; he is a great player, a great leader, always competitive, very hard to play against.”
– Emmanuel Petit

 “He has been around forever and his consistency has been amazing. (A) natural leader and a very good player positionally.”
– Alan Smith

 “He’s very English in his personality and a great leader of his team. He never gives in. Terry is strong and surprisingly quick. He also scores some important goals.”
– Samuel Eto’o

 “We knew that in the leadership aspect he was going to be a great player, and you’ve seen it – he’s a real leader for his team. But as a player I was not expecting him to do so well for so long. He’s 34, he’s still performing well. He’s tactically very clever, he can anticipate to block the opponent, not giving them space, winning the psychological battle – he’s very strong in that aspect. Physically he’s a heavyweight, he’s having problems with his back, and he’s probably changed his lifestyle – diet, sleeping. He’s been very strict with it and that’s why he’s still one of the best defenders in the Premier League.”
Marcel Desailly

“It’s not only on the field that John has the qualities every club desires. It’s off the field too. He leads the club, leads the players in that dressing room wonderfully well and always has done.”
– Ray Wilkins

“I had no doubt Terry was going to become a superstar. His character and personality impressed me straight away. He stepped in as a young player and looked as if he’d played forever – never scared. He would stand up to anyone, no matter their status.”
Gianfranco Zola

“John Terry has been one of the columns of the team for the last few years. [ . . . ] John has been a great contributor to the many successes the club has had in the last few years. He is one of Chelsea’s greatest ever players, certainly one of the most inspirational and charismatic. It is no coincidence the club has been so successful in the last few years. John has been a big part of it.”
– Gianfranco Zola

“[ . . . ] in my opinion the best centre-half in world football for a long time. I think you could’ve taken John for granted, having someone that good behind you, and he’d often play on the left side directly behind me. I can remember on one hand the number of times he was caught out for pace. He’s technically brilliant and I know John worked at that.”
– Frank Lampard

“JT was a very good player. He could read the game, he had everything; he could play very tough, good with the head, a great leader, could finished game after game after game without making any mistakes. If he did make mistakes, you could be sure he’d be better in the next game. A good character, good player, and one of the best ever for England, for sure.”
– Avram Grant

“I have not always been complimentary about how Chelsea play, because it is the opposite of what we stand for at Barcelona. But I can’t deny that Terry is one of the most committed English players I’ve played against, and a great leader for club and country.”

Chelsea FC v SL Benfica - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final

“The toughest opponents for me are the defenders who are tough in the way they play, where you can’t see a way through. Paolo Maldini and John Terry are two of the toughest men I have met on the field.”

“John is a player with a lot of authority. When he’s in front of you, he’s a real leader in the dressing room and on the pitch.”
– Thibaut Courtois

“He is definitely one of the greatest or maybe the greatest player of Chelsea’s history. He has won everything for this club. He is respected by all of us.”
– Willian

“John Terry was one of the greatest captains I had in my career. He’s an extraordinary player with a winning mentality, and a great professional.”
– Juliano Belletti

“For me he can play many more times. He is still at a top level. He has been playing very well since I arrived at Chelsea. He can continue for sure. His performances have been consistent. Since I have been at the club, I haven’t seen him play badly. That’s the truth. He was always helping everybody. He has been a massive support to me. When I started my first games last year he was always talking to me. He is a legend and a very good leader. I have learnt a lot from him.”
– Kurt Zouma

“John Terry is the captain of all team captains, he was born with the captain’s armband on his arm.

“Even without the band, it’s as if he wears it anyway, and that’s how it ought to be. He’s different from all the others, Chelsea is his home, it always has been, ever since the youth squad.

“One word from him, and the locker room holds its breath. He’s the first one to sit down at meals, the first one to stand up.

“Being part of this club is his mission, that’s how he was made. He pays close attention to the performances of the youth team, he keeps up, he knows all the scores, he misses nothing [ . . . ].

“He works twice as hard as everyone else, he has the sense of responsibility of someone who runs a company, a people, a philosophy that above all has to win.”
– Carlo Ancelotti
(in his autobiography “The Beautiful Games of an Ordinary Genius”)

 “There have been a lot of great centre-backs in Premier League history, but I think he has been the best that we’ve seen. For the next 20 or 30 years, that position at the near post, when we see other defenders doing it, we’ll call it ‘the John Terry position’. We’re not just talking about a big aggressive centre-back. Terry is always in the right position. His understanding of where to be, his reading of the game and reading crosses cannot be matched. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anyone better.”
– Jamie Carragher

“I just feel that the way he is viewed obscures his playing qualities. His ability on the ball never gets spoken about. How many defenders in world football can switch the play with their weaker foot?”
– Jamie Carragher

“John Terry has been the best Premier League defender I’ve seen, the best centre-back I’ve ever played against. He’s just been a warrior.”
– Jamie Redknapp

“Anyone who wants to be a centre-half would have to say that John Terry is a role model. John has never had blistering pace, but he didn’t need it because he’s always in the right place for every situation. He also gets the other players to work around him and that has enabled him to have such a great career. John is a class performer. He has played all season and, while Chelsea’s results haven’t been great, I have no doubt that he’s definitely got more years in the locker. I would put him right up there with the very best.”
– Chris Smalling

“He was not only a great player, he certainly still is, but he was also a great coach on the pitch. I saw him here once at London Colney playing with the Under 21s and the way he coached the team as a player was absolutely marvellous. He was a real leader and he had a great career as well, let’s not forget that. That’s never a coincidence. The guys who last such a long time have something special. He was the symbol of cohesion inside Chelsea’s club because him, [Frank] Lampard, [Didier] Drogba and Cech were the players who carried the club’s values for long periods.”
– Arsene Wenger

“He may be one of the most controversial players in the history of the British game for non-footballing reasons but John Terry has been one of its most reliable and consistent performers out there on the pitch. A defender’s defender — unbelievably solid with such a none-shall-pass attitude — Terry has been the captain and linchpin of Chelsea’s recent golden years.”
– Jimmy Greaves

“For most of his career at Chelsea, anyone could play with him, he was that good.”
– Mark Lawrenson

“I would have to say John Terry is the toughest defender I’ve played against. He reads the game really well, he’s physical and he’s tough to play against so you know you’re always in for a tough game when you play against him.”
Wayne Rooney

“He’s big, good in the air and he’s powerful. But he is a very intelligent footballer who reads the game so well. You come off feeling like you’ve been in a real game.”
– Wayne Rooney

“(So) where does he stand in the pantheon of English defenders? At the very top, one feels, beside Bobby Moore. Terry has the defensive qualities of Tony Adams, but, as contemporaries such as Jamie Carragher have pointed out, he is technically far closer to Rio Ferdinand than is imagined. He has a range of passing, courage that is unsurpassed, and as a succession of coaches for club and country have acknowledged, his leadership qualities are the most exceptional of his generation.”
– Martin Samuel
(award-winning journalist for the Daily Mail)



“I’m telling you now, he [Lampard] will go right to the very top. Right to the very top. ’Cos he’s got everything that is needed to be a top midfield player. His attitude is first-class. He’s got strength, he can play, he can pass and he can score goals. I couldn’t be more strong in how I feel about him.”
– Harry Redknapp

“His longevity and the number of goals he scored from midfield was amazing. He is a fantastic professional as well.”
– Alan Smith

“He has done everything in the game and won nigh-on everything, and I don’t think there will be another goalscoring midfielder like him.”
– Mark Noble

“We played together in his first year at Chelsea and though he didn’t have the happiest of seasons, his strength of character has helped him become one of the best midfielders in the game today.”
– Albert Ferrer

“I think as a goalscoring midfielder, Frank was the best in Premier League history. You can’t take that away.”
– Phil Neville

“Frank is the best midfield player that I played with, the most intelligent and efficient.”
– Didier Drogba

“He was a great professional, and a great example to follow. Arriving in England, I remember Didier Drogba telling me, ‘Just watch (Lampard), because you have to learn.’ (He had a) hunger to score goals and to make the difference, and I’ve seen him score the winning goal so many times.”
– Florent Malouda

“Nobody deserves it [100 caps] more than Frank. He’s been tremendous for club and country. He’s a top player.”
Steven Gerrard

“One of my best players ever, one of my best professionals ever, a Chelsea legend and a legend in the Premier League.”
– Jose Mourinho

“[ . . . ] I consider for sure, one of the five most important players in the history of Chelsea football club: Frank Lampard. [ . . .] a match-winner with the number of goals he scored, a big character, a player without injuries who played every game, an absolutely amazing player.”
– Jose Mourinho

“You talk about the (Gianfranco) Zolas and the best players to have played at the club, but for me he (Lampard) is the best. [ . . . ] You can only single out two players to play consistently well and to score goals over the course of the last 10-15 years and that is him and Ryan Giggs. It’s incredible, to see the number of goals he’s scored at such a high level as well – Champions League goals, Premier League goals – and the hunger. [ . . . ] It’s incredible, season after season to do what he’s done.”
– John Terry

“Lamps won everything with us (Chelsea) and in my opinion the best and most consistent player ever.”
– John Terry

Chelsea's Frank Lampard celebrates after scoring against Stoke d

“He is different class. He’s not just done it for one year and tailed off as we have seen a lot of players do. We have seen him for the past four, five, six years playing at a top level, scoring goals, passing brilliantly and working on things he’s not so good at in training. He works so hard on his shooting and his running off the ball.

“When we go on a warm-down, he’ll be doing laps around the field on his own. He is an inspiration to myself and everyone else in the team to push on and give it everything in our short careers.

“I can’t speak highly enough of the man. What he gives us in the dressing-room when things aren’t going well, what he gives out on the pitch and the stuff behind the scenes that people don’t get to see. He puts in a lot of hard work off the pitch and gets his rewards on it.”
– John Terry

“For me, what makes Frank Lampard special is how professional he is in training. You see him at training: He is the first to arrive on the training ground and the last to go home. He won everything with Chelsea, he’s a legend in football and he’s still playing like he’s 18 years old.”
– Pablo Zabaleta

“A fine player, an outstanding finisher and a credit to the game of football.”
– Gary Lineker

“He is respected by everyone [ . . . ]. You can’t help but learn from having players like Frank around you when you’re training and playing alongside him every day. I remember my very first training session with the club and we had a break and Frank said: ‘Can I get you some water, do you want a drink?’ It was incredible. “As the new guy I felt like I should have been the one to be getting Frank, who has won so many trophies, water. But that is what he was like.

“Having the chance to spend two seasons alongside him, you just learn what an exemplary player and professional he is. You got the feeling that this was a player respected by everybody and everywhere — not just in the club but outside too.

“I watched how hard Frank was working at training despite having won so much already (11 major trophies with Chelsea in all) and knew I had to do the same. As a youngster you can’t help but be inspired by people like Frank. He sustained his career at the highest level till the age of 36 and that is not for any reason. He worked hard at his game physically and technically.”
– Eden Hazard

“He is one of the best midfielders in the world right now. I can think of almost no weakness in his game. He has tremendous energy, a complete range of passing, he can tackle and he scores more goals than most strikers. Add to that his fitness and consistency, which have now created new records in England, and you can see how many assets he has as a player.”
– Sven-Goran Eriksson

“He’s been an outstanding player for Chelsea but also for the league. He’s an amazing player. I saw him when he first came to Chelsea and he was very young then and wasn’t the player he is now. But his attitude was fantastic. You could see he was going to become somebody important. I’m pleased to say he’s one of those guys who deserves everything he’s won.”
Gianfranco Zola

“He’s one of those midfielders who can score goals, especially when it comes to tight games. Everyone expects the strikers to score but actually Frank got the goals. But Frank has done better than just that because he keeps scoring all the time. I don’t think there is any other midfielder in the world who has scored as many goals as him.”
– Gianfranco Zola

“A great professional and a great player. He wasn’t quick, couldn’t dribble, but was very clever. Football today has become more aggressive, with more movement, everybody knows about tactics; you need players who are very intelligent, who know how to do the right thing at the right time. Football is all about scoring goals, and when Lampard is in the box, give him one chance, the ball is inside (the goal). He’s a top professional, his training was very good, he’d always stay behind after training.”
– Avram Grant

“When you take the work ethic the guy’s got, it’s no fluke. The guy works so hard day in day out. It’s first class. When you’ve consistently scored goals and played the way he has for so many seasons you have to say he is world class. He has this ability to get forward but the ability to get back and defend as well. Every day in training he does this. He works so hard – he trains as he plays. He is a credit to the game and a fantastic athlete.”
– Ray Wilkins

“(A) magnificent example of English leadership – when I see him on the field, it makes me happy.”
– Carlo Ancelotti
(in his autobiography “The Beautiful Games of an Ordinary Genius”)

“I have never said this in public, but when I first saw Frank in the blue shirt of Chelsea he was a very different player to what he is today. Frank is a fantastic player, but he is also a gentleman off the field. He plays in midfield like a striker and that is why he joined my club – the 200 club – and has now overtaken me. You can see that in the way he moves, the way he anticipates. His anticipation makes him special. Frank will always anticipate the goalkeeper is not going to make a clean catch so he is a yard or two in front of everyone. He is probably the best player Chelsea have ever had.”
– Bobby Tambling

“He’s got fantastic drive and determination, far above anybody else I’ve ever met in football. He trains harder than anyone I’ve ever seen by a million miles. I’ve never seen anyone else come close. When he was 15-16, I’d be sitting at 4 o’clock in my office at West Ham. It would be dark and raining and I’d see somebody 200 yards away and thought it was someone who’d climbed over the fence but it was him doing doggies, dribbling between cones, running with the ball, shooting. Every day. Not one day a week, every day.”
– Harry Redknapp

“He’ll always score. He’s just got that knack. Anticipation it’s called. He anticipates the ball arriving in the penalty box and he’s on the end of it. As soon as someone gets wide with the ball he’ll run in there. You’ll see him run in there 15-20 time a game and when the ball comes he’s there to score. He’s got to be one of the all-time great Chelsea players. They’ve had some fantastic players over the years and he’s up there with them.”
– Harry Redknapp

“Frank Lampard has been a superb representative of the English game, both as a player on the pitch and an ambassador off it. To reach in excess of 100 international caps is something very few professionals achieve and he is in exalted company. He has served the national team quite brilliantly during his 15-year international career.”
– Roy Hodgson



 “There are leaders that speak a lot. Before the match, he can do this, but then he leads by example with the way he plays. This happened from the start for me. I did not have to talk to him; straight away he was like that. [ . . . ] I know some see him as a prima donna, but the difference between a prima donna and a leader is a centimetre. The leader uses his talent for the team, the prima donna for himself, but Drogba has never been a prima donna for me. He reminds me of the great players, the way he has been this season. If he is feeling a good sensation about the game, if he is confident, he is impossible to play against.”
– Carlo Ancelotti (during the 2009-10 season)

“There are a lot of players with fantastic technique, but they are not leaders. They have not made the most of their careers, because they do not have a strong character, personality or courage. You need all of those as much as technique. Didier has it all. When you find a player who has talent and is unselfish: hai vinto. You’ve won.”
– Carlo Ancelotti

“Didier Drogba has been the best centre forward of his type, certainly in the Premier League, for the past eight years.”
– Steve Bruce


“Didier is undoubtedly a Chelsea legend and will always be part of the Chelsea family. Didier has contributed so much to all of Chelsea’s recent successes. He has been a consummate professional during his entire time here. As one of the natural leaders in our squad he has been an inspiration to a lot of our younger players.”
– Ron Gourlay
(Chelsea chief executive)

“The all-round centre forward, somebody that at his peak any centre-half would have nightmares trying to tame. Strong as an ox, quick and also a great finisher who worked the channels and held the ball up really well.”
– Alan Smith

“A beast of a centre-forward who would mercilessly bully defenders. Even better, he scored in big games.”
– Alan Smith

“I don’t say Didier was the greatest player I have worked with because I have had so many great players. But he was a great player, a great friend and somebody who will be part of my life forever. He would say the exact same about me. We created the kind of emotional links that are more than football.”
– Jose Mourinho

“Drogba – one of the best strikers I have seen. He had everything. Pace, really strong, good in the air – he was amazing.”
– Gerard Pique

“He is a magnificent player. He’s a machine. He’s unique. He is not just that big man. He is such a handful. He scores goals that matter and that’s priceless. There is no-one like Didier as a player, not with the kind of bulldozer thing he has got and with his sublime touch and finish.”
– Frank Lampard

“He was probably the greatest player I ever played with. He scored goals in the big games, was great in the dressing room, a big character. I have a huge amount of respect for Didier.”
– Frank Lampard

“It’s been a pleasure to play with him [ . . . ]. His body is a machine, when you look at him stripped down. [ . . . ] As a man, I love Didier and [ . . . ] he has been a hero for this club and will go down as a legend.”
– Frank Lampard

“I could talk about Didier all day. You can’t underestimate the influence he had in the dressing room. The year we won the Champions League he was like a man possessed. I owe and have a lot to thank him for, because a lot of my goals and assists were down to him. The Champions League final, we wouldn’t have been stood there without Didi. To be able to score that header and then to go and score the winning penalty for the team was amazing.”
– Frank Lampard

“In all their very important matches he has put a stamp on it. Drogba has been fantastic for Chelsea, not only for the goals that he scores but also for unbelievable defending. He has quite an extraordinary example of leadership on the pitch. If you are playing alongside someone like him you feel even more excited. [ . . . ] he is one of the guys who has made the fortune for Chelsea. Whatever he does he has become a legend for us.”
Gianfranco Zola

“Drogba [ . . . ] did what all strikers should do and that is score in the biggest games. He scored three winners in the FA Cup final, got the crucial goals in two League Cup finals and who could forget what he did in Munich in the Champions League final? At his best, he was unplayable.”
– Jamie Carragher

“He’s won the African Footballer of the Year award like me. In his position, he’s one of the few players who holds the ball up and scores lots of goals. He has scored nearly one in two for his whole career. He is two types of striker in one.”
– Samuel Eto’o

Chelsea's players lift the cup after their FA Cup final soccer match against Liverpool at Wembley Stadium in London


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