Quotes on: Francesco Totti


“Totti has impressed me most about Roma. He has been, and remains, a very important player, who has spent many years here. The other day he explained that he joined the club in 1989 and is now 35 – he arrived before I was born!”
– Bojan Krkic

“The God of Rome. I’ve never seen anything like it. As a football player he’s not quick and he’s 38-years old now but he has his technique and ambition, and a touch that’s God’s gift.”
– John Arne Riise

“With all due respect to the other players, Francesco Totti is like a god. [ . . . ] Totti’s presence is not only felt on the field, but also at the training ground and in the environment surrounding Roma.”
– John Arne Riise

“The effect he has on the team reminds me of (Steven) Gerrard’s at Liverpool. Totti is a leader and a great player.”
– John Arne Riise

“As a boy, I was ecstatic just to see him play. At 38, he still does amazing things on the pitch. I think I’m destined to be ‘Captain Future’ forever – he is the all-time captain.”
– Daniele de Rossi

“A great player! What a phenomenon!”
Lionel Messi

“I’ve always admired him because he’s the business. He’s an example to us all. Totti deserves all the applause he gets. He’s given so much to the game over so many years so it’s right that the fans should express their admiration for him.”
– Sergio Ramos

“Everything he has done so far in his career has been spectacular and what he has done for Roma is really special. Hats off to him! [ . . . ]  for those of us who love football, seeing him on the pitch is always a pleasure.”
Zinedine Zidane

“Francesco is an immortal player. If he is in these conditions, with the technical skills and talent he has, he is the player that can make the difference in any situation and at any age. With the way he is playing now, he is proving, if he ever had to prove anything, that he has always been and continues to be a champion.”
– Gianluigi Buffon

“Totti is a fantastic technician; he’s a wonderful footballer. The reason I’ve got so much respect for him is because he’s got all the pressure on his shoulders in Rome. He’s the king of Rome. Having played for Liverpool, a big club, I understand the responsibility and the pressure he’s got to deliver for the supporters. I’ve been there and I’ve seen it with my own eyes. They idolise him over there and that comes with its own pressure. So to perform consistently for Roma, for such a long time and stay loyal, I’ve got an awful lot of respect for him. He’s certainly a legend over in Italy.”

“I think when you get close to him, you realise how strong he is on the ball. He picks up some wonderful positions between the lines. I remember playing the holding role against him one time and he was always out of sight. He always picked up clever positions in the number 10 role and the ball was like Velcro to his boot. He was very skillful and maneuvered the ball very well. And his vision, he could see things on the pitch that other players couldn’t really see. As a player, I’ve got unbelievable respect for him. I’ve managed to meet him a couple times along the way as well and he seems like a good guy as well.”

“He’s shown incredible loyalty to his club and his badge and he deserves all the plaudits and merits he gets. I can only add to that. It’s been a pleasure to compete against him a couple of times and I certainly would’ve loved to have played in the same team as him. He’s certainly the type of player that would be on the wavelength that I’d be looking for. He would’ve been a joy to play with. I remember we signed Alberto Aquilani and I was saying to him, ‘What’s De Rossi like and what’s Totti like?’ and he spoke volumes about them. And that’s when you get a flavour for what people are really like. He was saying that basically those two have carried Roma for so many years. They deserve all the plaudits they get.”
Steven Gerrard

“Francesco Totti is impressive. He is an example for all and someone we all look up to. He demonstrates that age is not important in football: if you feel good, you enjoy it. If you play at the level he does it’s good for him, for football and also for the children, because we give them the idea that football has no limits.”
Cristiano Ronaldo

“You look at Francesco Totti and you can’t help but admire him. He’s a ‘blue collar’ type of player, as we’d say in the United States. He gets in there, he’s extremely loyal and hard-working and he’s very proud of who he is and who he represents.
“He’s one of the best players who has ever played. He’s been so consistent throughout his career and, even now, he still finds a way to make a difference in games for his club.
“He makes that difference through is work rate, through his goals and through his leadership. I think he has so much respect all across the world amongst players who have played the game.”
– Mia Hamm

“Totti has a genius in him that I don’t see in other players. Not even Zizou (Zidane) has the same kind of intuition, even if he is more consistent and more of a team player than Totti. Totti needs to be more mature, but he is fantastic and he can do things that others don’t even understand.”
– Michel Platini

“I have always said Totti is a genius of football. He is perhaps the only true genius who spent his entire career in one club, when he could’ve won so much more going abroad.”
– Michel Platini

“If I was playing today I’d be like Totti, who’s become an out-and-out striker. There aren’t any No.10s in the old playmaker role anyway.”
– Michel Platini

“Totti has fought so much and has won each challenge. He has given everything, putting in love on and off the pitch. For all that he has achieved, he deserves all this satisfaction. He merits all the applause.”
– Roberto Baggio 

“There are many star players in Italy, but the only one I would bring to Bayern Munich would be Totti.”
Franz Beckenbauer 

“Totti is a great player and he will keep on showing that. He represents Italian soccer and the Italian fans will have fun with him.”
Diego Maradona



“[ . . . ] when I played for Roma I sat on the bench and Totti was on the field. And it’s still the same! Anyone still playing at the age of 38 has a great passion for this sport. That’s phenomenal. Normally at the age of 38, a professional player has earned enough money and quits. Totti still plays and that’s because he loves this game.”
Pep Guardiola

“I consider Francesco the greatest Italian footballer of all time. Greater than (Roberto) Baggio and (Gianni) Rivera. Roma with or without Totti is not the same team. If he is not there, there is no light.”
– Sinisa Mihajlovic

“For me he is one of the very best players in the history of the sport, and someone with great qualities as a man.”
– Rudi Garcia

“Totti is exemplary on the pitch. When I saw him play, I said to myself that he is not just one top player but he is simply one of the greatest players in the history of football.
“I can say that Totti is a humble person. He has never missed a training session, he has never asked for preferential treatment even if he is 37.
“He is a person that adores football and who is always there. Perhaps he is not a leader in the changing room. Totti is not the one that starts to shout in order to motivate the troops but he is appreciated by his team-mates because he is an intelligent person, who is always ready to joke, and that is something positive.”
– Rudi Garcia

“It would be easier to move the Colosseum out of Rome.”
– Luciano Spalletti

“Totti is a top, top class player. He is typical of the Roman game and I’m sure he will never move outside of Roma. He used to play in behind the strikers and then one day they had no central striker so they played him up front and won game after game. He suddenly became the topscorer in Italy as a central striker. That means this guy has absolutely everything. He has a fantastic protection of the ball, he has a quick turn and then he has a very good pass in the final third of the pitch. He can be deadly with every single pass.”
– Arsene Wenger
(from www.arsenal.com)

“[ . . . ] he is the best player with whom I have ever worked. I have also worked with Lampard and Del Piero, but Francesco is the better player. [ . . . ] He could have won several Balon d’Ors had he left Roma for Barcelona or Manchester United.”
– Claudio Ranieri 

“Totti is what every child dreams of being when they grow up. A fan that become a champion, a champion that becomes a symbol, a symbol that becomes a legend.
“Talking about Francesco the footballer is a somewhat banal exercise as he can do anything on the pitch and do it well.
“Along with [Roberto] Baggio and [Gianni] Rivera, he is one of the most outstanding Italian footballers I have ever seen.
“It isn’t easy to be the king and remain humble. He has stumbled, but knows how to get back up, he has had serious injuries but recovered, and he never gave up.
“The main thing about football, or what it should be about, is having fun, and for 20 years Francesco has done just that.
“One day Roma fans can say ‘I was lucky, because for 20 years I was able to watch Totti play,’ and I can count myself among them.
“But I will also be able to add ‘I coached him twice.’”
– Zdenek Zeman


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