Quotes on: Harry Kane

“For me, the quality that made him stand out as a youngster was this incredible self-belief. What he was he was very single minded. He always knew precisely where he wanted to go.”
– Les Ferdinand

“We worked a lot on his shooting. I always said to Tim [Sherwood, then Ferdinand’s colleague working with the Tottenham u-21s], his movement reminds me of [Teddy] Sheringham, in that he drops into holes and automatically takes up clever positions. But he strikes ball like Alan Shearer. Look at Alan’s goals, a lot of them are hit with pure venom. He very rarely tapped in. Harry’s like that. When he hits them, they’re going in.”
– Les Ferdinand

“I’d call Harry a nine and half. He can hold up the ball, back to goal as well as any. He’s very dynamic in his movement, wants to be heading towards goal every time he gets the ball. But if he needs to drop back and thicken up the midfield, play as a No10, he has football intelligence to pick up right positions.
“He has got in great shape. If you’d have asked me three years ago what was his drawback, I’d have said maybe he lacked a bit of pace. But you wouldn’t say that now watching him in the Premier League. He’s found a way to work.
“He knows where the goal is, knows what he wants to do, knows how to get there. I tell you what Harry Kane is, he’s the thinking man’s player.”
– Les Ferdinand

“He’s a very good finisher, very good all-round game and we’re thankful to Tottenham for letting us have him. I think he’s going to score lots of goals in his future. He loves football, he loves training – he gets annoyed when we pull him away from finishing training because we’re worried he’s going to get a thigh strain.”
– Joe Gallen
(assistant manager at Millwall when Kane was on loan)

“I first saw Harry when, as the under-18 coach, I would take the under-14s once a week. Harry would have been 13 at the time, and given that his is a late July birthday, he was still playing catch up with some of the group from a physical perspective. But he was always a promising technician and a very genuine young man with a wonderful desire to improve.”
– Alex Inglethorpe
(former Tottenham Academy director)

“Harry was always someone who was going to get better just by the sheer volume of work he was willing to do, and by the mentality he would demonstrate on a daily basis to invest in himself. He had a fantastic desire to improve and would always want to do extra work at the end of a session. He became obsessive about his finishing in all its various forms and would dedicate a huge amount of time to improve these aspects of his game.”
– Alex Inglethorpe

“I saw him walk through the door (at Tottenham) as a 16-year-old and had the pleasure of working with him for four years while I was on the staff and he was a fine young man. You could see from the day he walked in he had a real desire to improve himself as a footballer and the one thing I’d say about him, which unfortunately you don’t say about a lot of young footballers, is that he had a passion for the game. He loves football, he loves playing, he loves scoring goals.”
– Clive Allen

“I think you could play Harry on his own with players deeper with a five-man midfield and Harry leading the line because I think that’s his best position. He’s played in a number of positions for Spurs, a little bit withdrawn and deeper, but when he leads the line, when he’s a traditional number nine, that’s his best role and I think eventually that will be the role he will play for England.”
– Clive Allen

“He’s an outstanding player. As for being like me, I think he’s probably got a little bit more than me. He can do everything I could but he’s got a bit of pace as well. He can go a long way.”
– Teddy Sheringham

“He’s a complete striker. He can score with his left foot, right foot and with his head, from distance and from close range. He can run long or drop into areas that ask defenders questions and he can hold up the ball. He’s only 22 and you don’t really get to know your game until you’re 26/27 and in your prime. He can score goals and he wants to show you he can score goals, long may that continue!”
– Teddy Sheringham

“There’re always doubts there but he’s shown he can do it. He’s a fantastic player, full of goals at the moment, full of optimism, full of confidence. That’s how you want your strikers. He’s proving that he’s in the Premier League and he’s there to stay. That’s what a second season is for. He’s proven himself with flying colours. It’s very exciting.”
– Teddy Sheringham

“As a player, he reminds me of (Jurgen) Klinsmann, that enthusiasm that Jurgen had when he first came to the club, that bounding stride, I think Harry has that.
“He runs at defenders, can hold the ball up and the most important thing is that he scores goals. He scores all types of goals as well. He gets in the six-yard box, he’ll strike it from the edge of the box and outside the box.
“I like Harry. I’ve met him a couple of times and you can tell he wants to learn which is a big factor for a young footballer. He’s not big-time one bit. I just love the way he’s taken on the mantle of being the number one striker, because it’s not easy. He’s gone in there and said ‘bring it on, I’ll have some of that’ and long may it continue.”
– Teddy Sheringham

“Harry is one of the best. I’ve told you before. He’s one of the best strikers of a ball [ . . . ] It’s maybe difficult to say he’s the best, but he’s one of the best.”
– Mauricio Pochettino

“It’s fantastic the way Harry works, his character and personality. He deserves all the praise and I am very pleased for him.”
– Mauricio Pochettino

“I have known Harry Kane for a very long time. His feet are firmly on the ground. He is a very sensible boy, a modest, humble boy. He had injury problems, he had a loan at Leicester where they had about seven forwards vying for three places and he had a loan at Norwich where Chris Hughton, who was manager at the time, says it didn’t quite go for him. But in previous loans at Millwall and Orient, I went to watch him. He was very good at Millwall but he played a very different game. He played purely as a front man with his back to goal, as an old-fashioned traditional centre-forward and they were playing off him.”
– David Pleat

“At Tottenham he has definitely come deeper, he has joined in more, he has proved he has good feet – I am talking now about passing ability not goalscoring ability – so he can come deep and link with other players.
“Because he runs at people from a deeper position he looks quicker, shall we say, than he really is, which might sound strange but the defenders are on their heels when Harry picks the ball up and he goes at them. This is something he has learned, picked up from coaches, and he has done it very well.
“That is another thing about Harry Kane. He is a two-footed player and how many strikers are two-footed players? He can get goals from the left or right side. He is first class.”
– David Pleat

“What a year he’s had. But he’s more than just a goalscorer – nobody really mentions his work-rate, which is second to none. He always offers a solution for his team and is always on the move.”
Thierry Henry
(December 2015)

“Kane has matured into a top quality striker. I can’t think of too many strikers in Europe better than him at the moment.”
– Tony Cascarino

“You could see him as the real deal as soon as he came into the team. A lot of people were saying: “Well, we’ve got wait and see.” But I look at young players coming in. I could see his ability. As a striker he’s got a little bit of everything. He can hit it, he’s got enough pace, he plays off his left, his right. He scores all types of goals. He has this little instinct to know where the ball will drop, which means he picks up positions. And that’s a bit of everything really. That’s why I went early on Harry and said he should be playing for England as well.”
– Glenn Hoddle

“Spurs have the best goalscorer in the Premier League, in my opinion, in Harry Kane.”
– Alan Pardew

“He’s got the lot and he is only going to get better. He can do everything, score a goal, pass it and bring other players in. If every footballer had his attitude a manager’s job would be so much easier. He’s like a Frank Lampard or a Stevie Gerrard, a consummate professional.”
– Harry Redknapp

“I don’t want any other striker than Harry. We are very confident in him. He works very hard for the team, which is what we need, and he is scoring goals. He keeps the ball well for us and I am very happy for him, for what he is doing this season. [ . . . ] Harry makes the difference for us because everyone in the team works very hard for him.”
– Toby Alderweireld

“He could go on to become a great goalscorer for Tottenham and possibly England as well. I like him a lot. I like his movement, his work rate, his desire to score goals and his confidence to take people on. He is good in the air, he has a good touch, he can beat people and he has clearly got a bit of intelligence. If he had an extra yard of pace, you would say he had everything.”
– Gary Lineker

Without wishing to make any horrible comparisons with someone, Kane does remind me a little bit of Shearer. I like Kane and I know Shearer likes him a lot as well. He has a really strong all-round game. He’s not lightning quick, but he’s not slow. That’s the only thing you would look at and say, ‘If he was a yard or two quicker’… well, I don’t know what you’d be looking at. He scores poacher’s goals, great goals, takes free kicks, takes penalties. He does the whole thing.”
– Gary Lineker

“Harry Kane is on fire this season. He should be an automatic in that England team now.”
Alan Shearer

‘Harry Kane should be the first name on the team sheet for England. I don’t think anyone can argue with that. [ . . . ] Kane is just 22 years old and already has 45 Premier League goals to his name and counting. He’s a top quality player and he’s going to be around for a long time.”
– Alan Shearer

“Kane’s been good at everything this year. He seems to have that natural ability to get goals. He’s also young, fresh and his attitude appears to be very, very good. What I like about him, is that he is willing to run in behind defenders, as well as go short. When he gets opportunities he invariably takes them. He wants to get his shot away very quickly, which is good to see. It looks as if he could have a very good future in the game.”
– Alan Shearer
(March 2015)

“When you have scored the number of goals he has scored, if you don’t put him in there somebody else will give him a passport.”
– Arsene Wenger
(about Kane deserving a call-up to the England national side)

“Not just selected but in the team – and build the team around him. He’s so young, but he’s so powerful. I’m struggling to see a weakness in his game.”
– Danny Murphy
(about Kane deserving selection in the England national side)



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