Quotes on: Lionel Messi


“Do you remember the goal Maradona scored in the World Cup against England when he took on and beat half their team? Well, Leo used to score goals like that almost every game, even when he was only five years old.” — David Trevez (president of Grandoli FC, the first club where Messi played competitively)

“I found out about Messi through the people that I worked with in Argentina [ . . . ] They sent me a videotape, and there you could see him already doing these amazing things. It really seemed that he had the ball sown to his feet, pretty much what he does now. But it was even more surprising to see that in a boy of 12 or 13 years of age.” — Josep Maria Minguella (the Barcelona scout who “discovered” Messi)

Part of the historic 1987 Barcelona youth side. Did they know he would go on to eclipse all those who had come before him?

“When Leo used to play in the academy, we all used to go and see him play because he was so special. We were all convinced that he was such an amazing talent.” — Joan Laporta (former President at FC Barcelona)

“The whole team immediately realized that this 16-year-old kid was going to be the best player in the world. [ . . . ] Leo was already able to do great things, he had all the tricks. But his talent is not just his dribbling, not just his skills or speed on the ball, but he also has goals in him, he’s also a winner, and he enjoys himself playing football.” — Joan Laporta

“It seemed as if he had been playing with us all his life, his movement was so natural. The first time the ball came to him he created a scoring chance. The second time he nearly scored. If you are 15 or 16 in a game like that against Porto, at the opening of a new stadium full of people, and you do all that, it is because you are something special. Frank [Rijkaard] and I looked at each other: ‘What the f—? Did you see that?'”  — Henk ten Cate (Barcelona assistant coach when Messi made his first team debut)

“I’ve never seen a player that young, with that much hunger just to train, just to be coached.” — Rodolfo Borrell, Messi’s first coach at Barcelona, at the U-14 level

“I think Lionel Messi was born to play football.” — Rodolfo Borrell

“He was a God even then.” — Charly Rexach (Barcelona’s sports director when Messi joined the club as a young boy)

“He’s phenomenal, a jewel [ . . . ] It looks as if we’ve found someone who is going to give us a lot of happiness.” — Jose Pekerman (Argentina’s national team coach, speaking in 2005)

“Everyone knew he was going to be the best player in the world.” — Eidur Gudjohnsen

“We all saw that he had so much quality. [ . . . ] Everything he has done is what we always expected of him.” Ronaldinho

“I do wish [ . . . ] that I could have played with Messi for longer than I did at Barcelona. There are no words to describe him; he just has magic in his feet.” — Ronaldinho

“For me Messi is the best in the world. For the last few years he has played at a level of football we have never seen before.” — Ronaldinho

“Messi for the last three or four years has been the best player in the world – he has been at a level of consistency I don’t think the world has seen before.” — Ronaldinho (2013)

“In my opinion, you should pray and then commit a foul on him,!” — Marco Materazzi (when asked how to stop Messi)

“Messi is now the God of football.” — Giorgio Chiellini (before the 2014-15 Champions League final)

“Messi is an alien that dedicates himself to playing with humans. The only hope is that this Saturday he will be from earth, like the rest of us.” — Gianluigi Buffon  (before the 2014-15 Champions League final)

“When he is playing at a 100 per cent you can forget about playing against him. It is just a wonder to watch him and see what he can do.” — Gianluigi Buffon

“He [ . . . ] is the absolute best of the last 20 years. Messi is just fantastic.” — Marco van Basten

“You cannot look at Barcelona’s recent history without taking Messi’s performances on board. There is no denying that he has been key to their success. He has been leading them the way. He is the best of all time, there is no doubt about that. Everything would have been different for Barcelona without Messi.” — Ronald Koeman

“Messi is Messi. You can say a thousand things more about him but Messi is the best in the world, by a large margin. He is capable of doing it in a split-second, he is capable of doing amazing things by himself.” – Ronald Koeman

“I said five years ago he will be crowned the best player in the world five or six times over – and he will be. Already can be talked about with Pele and Maradona.” — Rivaldo

“You cannot compare anyone to Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo is a great human footballer, but Messi is a Martian. He can run even faster with the ball than he can without it. It’s as if he’s playing another sport. It’s almost impossible to do the things he does at that speed.” — Alfio Basile

“I played with Maradona for seven years and he was magnificent. I thought I would never see another player like that but I have to say Messi is better. [ . . . ] There is a natural evolution and players today are just getting better. Messi is by far the best.” — Ossie Ardiles

“I can’t believe anyone can have played the game of football as well as Messi.” – Michael Owen

“There are no words to describe what he is doing.” — Clarence Seedorf

 “Is Messi a real player or a PlayStation character?” – Radamel Falcao

“Messi is a genius. He has everything. When I watch him, I see a player who is very, very, skilful, very clever and his left foot is like Diego Maradona’s.” – Franz Beckenbauer

“He is a divine player, he is god-like.” — Franz Beckenbauer

“Messi or Cristiano? Cristiano Ronaldo is very good, but I prefer Messi. He’s incredible.” –Gheorghe Hagi

“Messi is an artist not a footballer. Best ever.” — Dietmar Hamann

As with his remarkable dribbles past entire teams, Messi has left everyone before him in the dust. And he's just 28 years old.
As with his remarkable dribbles past entire teams, Messi has left everyone before him in the dust. And he’s just 28 years old.

” [ . . . ] Messi is simply the best player in the world. He is alone in his class as a player, it is impossible that there is another like him.” David Beckham

“Comparing CR7 to Messi is an exercise of ignorance in football. Messi is Messi and others, footballers.” – Spanish manager Miguel Angel Lotina

“I was lucky enough to play with Zidane, Ronaldo, Figo, Cristiano… but Messi is different. He makes everything look so easy, so effortless – even the impossible. When you watch him play, it’s almost as though you are watching him in the street playing with his mates.” — Raul

“The other day I saw one of his games. He was running with the ball at a hundred percent full speed, I don’t know how many touches he took, maybe five or six, but the ball was glued to his foot. It’s practically impossible.” — Raul

“If he is so good, how can you express that? The superlatives ran out ages ago. On these pages, swearing has been tried. Or perhaps a symbol, something to signify that we have gone beyond words now.” – Football writer Sid Lowe

“Messi is the greatest footballer I have ever seen…or expect to ever see.” — Pep Guardiola

“Don’t write about him, don’t try to describe him. Just watch him.” – Pep Guardiola

“He’s the best [ever], there is no other like him. We’ll never see a player like him again. The throne belongs to him and only he will decide when he wants to relinquish it.” — Pep Guardiola

“Leo has rightfully entered into history. We are witnessing the best [player] in every sense. He does everything, and he does it every three days. He doesn’t just score goals, he scores great goals; each one is better than the last. We are seeing the very best in action. I’m sorry for those who try to take his throne but this kid is different, better; we are excited to have him.” — Pep Guardiola

“If Messi is in top form, no defence can stop him. There is no system to stop Messi. He’s too good. You just have to try to limit him in another way – stop the ball reaching him, but even then, you can’t stop him.” — Pep Guardiola

“Messi is the only footballer who can run faster with the ball than without it.” — Pep Guardiola

“Like Michael Jordan in basketball, Messi is dominating his sport. Very few people in history have managed to dominate their sport the way Jordan and Messi have. I feel sorry for those who want to compete for Messi’s throne – it’s impossible, this kid is unique. He doesn’t just score lots of goals, but he scores lots of great goals, each one being better that the last.” — Pep Guardiola

Watch this interview of Pep Guardiola and Sir Alex Ferguson, where they talk about Messi. Sir Alex says there is no question Messi could have played in any era of football, such is his greatness, and Guardiola concurs, saying Messi is driven by an innate love for the game and desire to improve, and there is very little a coach can offer to players like him in the long term. Both managers agree that Messi is worthy of sitting besides the likes of Pele, di Stefano, Maradona and Cruyff.

“My record stood for 40 years – 85 goals in 60 games – and now the best player in the world has broken it, and I’m delighted for him. He is an incredible player, gigantic.” — Gerd Muller (after Messi broke his record for most goals in a calendar year in 2012)

“Messi is better than Maradona; he is more complete, more consistent, more spectacular. He is reinventing the game – a mix of the real and the virtual.”  Tostão

“Quite simply a phenomenal player who has somehow got even better this time around with the addition of a new midfield game to his stunning goalscoring prowess. The very essence of what has made – and continues to make – Barcelona arguably the greatest club side of all time.” — Guillem Balague

“I was a big fan of Maradona growing up and of the current crop Ronaldo is good but Messi is the best I’ve ever seen. I don’t dish out praise lightly but Messi deserves it. I look for weaknesses in his game and I can’t find them.”  Roy Keane

“He is an anomaly. The rest will have to wait until he falls off a little bit.” — Edgar Davids

“Messi is the best player ever. And this is said by someone who has seen Maradona and Pele play.”  Adriano Galliani

“He is the best in the world. Football seems easy when he plays it.” — Bacary Sagna

[Messi] is the Pele of my generation after keeping his level so high for so many years. He is so great that he has been capable of making other good footballers be forgotten in the fight to be the best in the world.” – Juliano Belletti

“Messi does not need his right foot. He only uses the left and he’s still the best in the world. Imagine if he also used his right foot. Then we would have serious problems.” – Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Messi undoubtedly belongs with legends of the class of Pele, Maradona, and Zidane. There is a strong argument he exceeded them in greatness a long time ago.
Messi undoubtedly belongs with legends of the class of Pele, Maradona, and Zidane. There is a strong argument he exceeded them in greatness a long time ago.

“I think Messi might end up being the best player that’s ever played football. [ . . . ] He runs with the ball as if it is never more than six inches from his foot, even when he’s going at a 100%, and how do you stop him? I don’t know. I just don’t know, because, being that size, he’s got the change of direction, he can wrong-foot you, he’s under your arm before you can blink.” — Graeme Souness (2011)

“His change of direction is incredible. Going at full tilt, he wrong-foots people for fun. I do think he’s the greatest player ever. I was at the Nou Camp last year (2010) when he scored four against Arsenal, and it was one of those nights where you say to yourself “I’m going to tell people I was at this game.” I think he’s a little magician, and he’s only going to get better.” — Graeme Souness (2011)

“Everything about this guy, you want to like, from the way he plays football, to how he reacts when he gets nailed by someone, he doesn’t show his frustration to his team-mates.” — Graeme Souness (2011)

“He’s a problem solver, a game changer, the greatest player to have played the game. I don’t say that lightly but I have been saying it for the last three or four years and his match-winning intervention against Bayern Munich reinforced my view. I am more than 60 years old now, and I don’t believe that I’ve seen, or that I’m likely to see, anyone better in my lifetime. The world’s best when I was growing up was Pele and he would have been a great player now, too, but Messi surpasses him. He’s also way out ahead of Diego Maradona, it’s not even close anymore.” — Graeme Souness (in 2015 after Messi scored two goals to help Barcelona beat Bayern Munich 3-0 in the UEFA Champions League)

“His achievements over the last decade have been so breathtaking that you could say he has outstripped those who have gone before — and it is quite possible we will never see them bettered. Quite simply, Messi has been the greatest player in the best club team we have ever seen. How many years will we have to wait to see another like him?” — Jamie Carragher (2015)

“Fella’s a genius. Best ever by a distance in my life time. Never really saw Pele… Souness, Gullit, Venables and now Rooney agree Messi is the best they have seen. He plays a game with which we are not familiar.” – Gary Lineker

“Messi is indisputably the greatest player ever to don a pair of football boots. Don’t even attempt to argue the point.” — Gary Lineker

“He’s just amazing, the best player I’ve ever seen. What he does out on the pitch and the goals he scores are just incredible.” — Gary Lineker

“Messi has been a gift from the footballing Gods. He is just such a phenomenal talent. A player that not only beats people and mesmerizes them, produces magical moments, scores a multitude of goals, but he’s also an honest player. He gets kicked, he gets hacked, he gets shoved, but he never dives, and doesn’t cheat. He’s just a brilliant example for footballers everywhere.” — Gary Lineker (2014)

“Never mind Messi’s goal-scoring records. Never mind that Messi’s the best dribbler ever. Messi’s also the best passer the game’s ever seen.” — Gary Lineker

“He was dizzying, only playing at full speed, but now he understands that different matches have different rhythms. He can basically play an entire match just walking. There is no better strategist.” — Jorge Valdano

“I don’t think he necessarily needs to win a World Cup to be the greatest ever. [ . . . ] This guy is the best player in the world at the moment, and there is no doubt about that. I think we are always nervous about calling players who we are currently watching, and are young at 23, the best player ever, but we shouldn’t be. We should admit that what we’re seeing in front of our eyes is a special talent who maybe is the best player that’s ever been seen.” Gary Neville (2011)

“I played with Romario, Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Laudrup and Stoichkov but Messi is the best I’ve seen”  Albert Ferrer

“It feels good to be in the same generation as him. I believe he’s the best player in the history of the sport.” — Gerard Pique

“Leo is supernatural, he has no limits and we always have to remember everything that he’s given us. We have to enjoy him every single minute that we have him now.” — Gerard Pique

“If we are realistic and forget team loyalties, you cannot compare Messi with any other player. The best in the world is Leo Messi. [ . . . ] what Messi does nobody else can or ever will do. When Leo is on the field, everything turns in favour of Barca. He is five steps above the rest.” — Jordi Alba

“Messi defies the laws of anatomy, he must have an extra bone in his ankle.”  Carlos Bilardo

“No other player has combined the competitiveness of professional football with the spontaneity of street football so naturally. No other player is capable of solving tactical conundrums so frequently, as if he were playing just outside his house. Watching Messi is like taking a trip back through time; when he’s on the ball he opens a crack which we can peek through to spy on the essence of football.” — Santi Solari

“Lionel Messi is quite clearly the best player ever. It’s a pleasure to pit myself against him and when I finish my career it’s something I can look back on and know I’ve tested myself against the very best.”  John Terry

“In my entire life I have never seen a player of such quality and personality at such a young age, particularly wearing the ‘heavy’ shirt of one of the world’s great clubs. Before a game, you can plan for everything. But Messi can produce a move that no-one expects and change the game in an instant.”  Fabio Capello (after Messi’s performance against Capello’s Juventus side in the 2005 Joan Gamper trophy game)

“I have played against Platini, Maradona, Cruyff and played with George Best — a lot of big names, but none of them has been able to do what Messi does. Two years ago I said that the best player I played against was Maradona and the best player I have played with was Bestie. But I can now say I have never seen a player as good as Messi. He’s in a league of his own.” — Gerry Armstrong (former Tottenham player)

“Diego [Maradona] filled us with emotions. But between the cracks, without doubt, Messi is better than Maradona.” – Diego Simeone

“Who is the best player in the world? Leo Messi. Who is the best player ever? Leo Messi.” — Arsene Wenger

“When you have players like Messi against you, you can pay for any mistake. For me, he is the best player in the world, and by a distance.” — Arsene Wenger (2010)

“I have seen the player who will inherit my place in Argentine football and his name is Messi. Messi is a genius.”  Diego Maradona

“I think Messi could be the biggest figure for Argentina.” — Diego Maradona

“He’s a leader and is offering lessons in beautiful football. He has something different to any other player in the world.” — Diego Maradona

“I don’t really like comparisons. Nevertheless, the comparison with Messi is a beautiful thing. We are both left-footed, Argentine, and brilliant.” — Diego Maradona

“I like Messi a lot, he’s a great player. Technically, we’re practically at the same level.”  Pele

“It is clear that Messi is on a level above all others. Those who do not see that are blind.” Xavi

“He has total command of every aspect of the game. He’s the best at everything and he shows that in every match.” — Xavi

“You could tell he was different. Leo, above all, had a talent that is the hardest to achieve: he understood the game. He could pass well and he could dribble around anyone you put in front of him: he used to leave the best defender we had on the ground.” — Xavi

“He was different, but he was only 16 years old, so I thought he’d be good, but I knew that football is very complicated, that a lot of things interfere, I never imagined he’d be the best player in history. Ever since I’ve known him he hasn’t stopped evolving. He improved what he had and he has also turned himself into a goalscorer. He didn’t use to score so much and now he scores everything, he takes free kicks. And, like Pep [Guardiola] says, he dominates every aspect of the game. We’ll never see something similar. Not only because of what he can do, but because of the time that he’s been doing it for. Others have lasted two years, three; he seems to have no end in sight.” — Xavi

“Messi is above everyone, there is no use comparing me with him. He is the best player in the world.” — Neymar

“I work with Leo every day, so I admire him not only on the pitch, but also off the pitch. I have fallen in love with him, he’s an idol and an example.” — Neymar

“I’ve played alongside Leo Messi for a long time and in all honesty I’ve never seen another player like him. Every day, every game, every year, he just gets better. He’s very young, with a long career ahead of him. In that respect, you feel privileged to be in the same team as him, to try and win titles together.” Andres Iniesta

“I have not seen everyone play, but of those I have seen play, of course, the ability he has to change a game is fantastic, incredible.” — Dani Alves

“All teams would like to have Leo, but fortunately we have him with us [ . . . ] He does things that no one else can do. Life is easiest with him[ . . . ]” — Ivan Rakitic

“It’s a privilege to play alongside the best player in the world. Everything he does is admirable.” — Luis Suarez

“The whole world knows what I think about him (Messi). He is the best player in the world. He inspires me on the field. Just pure admiration. And off the field, he is a bit shy. He is a bit different off the field because he is a teammate of ours and he always treats us well and he always makes me feel included.” — Luis Suarez

“Barca will never have a player like Messi again. Messi’s greatness is present on and off the field of play.”  Sandro Rosell

“Messi is class. There is him, and then there is the rest. What he does is extraordinary.”  Franck Ribery

 “We give him the ball and stand back and watch. People often say to me they saw Pele and Maradona play. In the future, I will be able to say I saw Messi play.”  Thiago Alcantara
“He’s spectacular, incredible, a competitive animal. He’s playing further from goal and he’s still scored 40 in the league. If he played in goal, he’d still score 25!” — Thiago Alcantara
“Life with Leo is prettier, of another colour.” — Josep Maria Bartomeu
“First it was Johan Cruyff, initially as a player and then coach, then Ronaldinho, who made us smile again, and finally Leo Messi. For me, (Messi) is the best player, not only in the world but throughout the history of football. We can only live without Leo for a few weeks.” — Josep Maria Bartomeu

“He is always going forwards. He never passes the ball backwards or sideways. He has only one idea, to run towards the goal. So as a football fan, just enjoy the show.”  Zinedine Zidane

“Messi’s play maintains a piece of his childhood and you see that when he is playing in front of thousands of people, there is a moment when he feels like a star. The great players are those who retain the ingenuity of a child.” — Eric Cantona

“He sees passes that most people can only see whilst watching the game on TV, not ones that you can normally see on the pitch.”  Tata Martino

“For the world of football, Messi is a treasure because he is role model for children around the world… Messi will be the player to win the most Ballons d’Or in history. He will win five, six, seven. He is incomparable. He’s in a different league.”  Johan Cruyff

“The Royal Spanish Academy needs to come up with a new word to define what Messi does out on the pitch.” — Alejandro Sabella

“For me, to watch Messi play is a pleasure – it’s like having an orgasm – it’s an incredible pleasure.”  Luis Figo

“Messi is the best in the world without any doubt and for me the history of football.” — Luis Enrique 

“He’s a player from another dimension.” — Luis Enrique

“He does not really seem human to me.” — Luis Enrique

“I don’t like to compare players, but for me Messi is the best player in the world and also the best player in history. That’s my opinion.” — Luis Enrique

“The trouble is that we’ve seen so much of Messi that we think he’s normal. I can’t understand how a player has got to that level.” — Luis Enrique

“He is the best there is in all aspects you look at. If he wanted to be, he would be the best at defending as well. He will be the best in the world for as long as he wants to be. He’s waving his magic wand and he’ll continue to do so for as long as he wants.” — Luis Enrique

“Messi is not just the best player in the world for the goals he scores, or for his assists, but for everything. He is the best player in the world even in defence, that is the perfect version of Messi. Messi is outside all praise. He does things you do not see even in Oliver and Benji (a children’s cartoon), or the PlayStation, what he does touches the impossible. We have got used to it, but it is a delight and a privilege to have the best player in the world in your team. Without a doubt.” — Luis Enrique

“I think that whoever cannot recognise Messi as the best is a fool.” — Jorge Sampaoli

“I have seen him doing stuff in training and it is just amazing. When he gets upset, he runs around the whole team. There is nothing you can do.” Thierry Henry

“Messi is just superb. When you have Messi it is a big advantage. When you have that man in your side, anything can happen.” — Thierry Henry

“What Leo does is so incredible that I have to be careful not to stand still watching him make his moves.” — Thierry Henry

“Leo, at times I think, really seriously, I ask myself if he’s human. You can’t really explain what Leo is doing. You just have to admire it and enjoy it, because what he is doing is just not normal. Before when you score 23-25 goals in a season, everyone said that you were an incredible striker. But Leo does that in three months.” — Thierry Henry

“Once they said they can only stop me with a pistol. Today you need a machine gun to stop Messi.”  Hristo Stoichkov

“Messi no longer competes with anyone, he is a myth. I doubt there will be another player like Messi.” — Hristo Stoichkov

“Messi is God, as a person and even more as a player. I knew him when he was a boy and I’ve watched him grow. He deserves it all.”  Samuel Eto’o

“I am convinced he will not go down as one of the best players of his generation, but as one of the best who has ever lived. People will still be talking about him in 50 years, saying, “I once saw Messi play”, and that “He was the greatest player I have ever seen”. Of that I am sure.” — Samuel Eto’o

“Some of the things you see him do in training and on the pitch just make you stand back and wonder how it is possible. But he does not conduct himself as if he is the best player in the world. He is very humble and just wants to play football, and maybe even he gets a little bit shy when people say such great things about him.” — Samuel Eto’o

“He’s just incredible. It’s as simple as that. [ . . . ] Once he sets off, there’s no stopping him.” — Eidur Gudjohnsen

 “Although he may not be human, it’s good that Messi still thinks he is.” — Javier Mascherano
“He’s a player [Messi] that’s impossible to describe.” — Javier Mascherano
“I compare him to an assassin.” — Javier Mascherano
“Playing with Messi is like playing with a living, breathing legend. Everybody else who plays is controlled by football – but Messi truly controls the game.” — Javier Mascherano
“Words cannot describe it. What you see at matches – is some thirty percent of what he does in training, I was lucky to be part of it.” — Dmytro Chygrynskiy
“He has it all: skill, and speed, and assessment of the situation. [ . . . ] Leo does not (need to declare his leadership). He has mettle, he kind of shines from within. The people around see and understand it.” — Dmytro Chygrynskiy

“I have never seen anyone like Leo Messi. He is a miracle from God. I like it when he does his things on the field. It’s not jealousy – I feel good, for instance, when he nutmegs someone.” — Arda Turan

“I think about the great players with whom I have shared a pitch: Eric Cantona, Zinedine Zidane, Pirlo, Xavi, Cristiano Ronaldo – and the greatest of them all is Messi.” Paul Scholes
“He has absolutely been the best player in the world for many years, and he is the one who often makes the difference at his club. I think he has overtaken many players like Diego Maradona.” Paolo Maldini
“I think he reached and surpassed the level of Maradona. He does incredible things, at a speed that is insane.” — Paolo Maldini
“Messi is a genius, a magician on the pitch who can do special things with a football. He deserves the award and I am very pleased for him. On current form, over the past 12 months, he is certainly a worthy winner.” Steven Gerrard (after Messi won the FIFA World Player of the Year award in 2009)
“Watching Lionel Messi mesmerise in the flesh almost replaces the surge of adrenaline I used to get from winning trophies.” — Jamie Carragher
“With Messi, statistics and history go out of the window. [ . . . ] Individually he’s proven himself to be the best and most dangerous player in world football.” — Frank Lampard (2012)

“They tell me that all men are equal in God’s eyes, this player makes you seriously think about those words.” — Ray Hudson (American commentator)

“Newton and Einstein had a certain level of autism – I hope that, like them, Messi surpasses himself every day and continues to give us his beautiful brand of football.”  Romario

“Messi is the Mozart of football.”  Radomir Antic

“He’s head and shoulders above anyone I’ve seen. He’s an alien.” — Carles Puyol

“[ . . . ] Messi is the best player in the world [ . . . ] He is capable of incredible things – he’s from a different planet.” — Carlos Tevez

“He who doesn’t love Messi knows nothing about football. I don’t know what’s going on in their heads.” — Carlos Tevez

“No-one can defend against Messi. He may have the odd off day, but he’s one of the best players of all time. Teams try and stop him but he carries on, makes no fuss. I admire Messi for what he represents, his fantastic football and the fact that he doesn’t dive or fake injury – things that repulse me in the world of football.” — David Moyes

“He’s the ultimate number 10: talent, passion, magic. Messi is the very essence of football, and we’re lucky that he’s playing in our time so that we can enjoy it.” — Alessandro del Piero

“A team with Messi is a different team, a different team. [ . . . ] I think that this type of player can always make the difference, and the reality is that Messi won three Champions Leagues with Barcelona, with three different managers. I think it means something.” — Jose Mourinho

“Messi is Messi. I think when he finishes his career, the map of European football is going to change a little bit.” — Jose Mourinho

Generations to come will learn of the brilliance of this man, and look up to him as we do.
Generations to come will learn of the brilliance of this man, and look up to him as we do.

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